Vision & Mission

Tipco Group is forever searching for new solutions to meet the need of future products. Founded by Late Shri B.M. Thakkar in 1945 when he was 25 years of age, and being 1st in INDIA to manufacture plastics raw materials. Over the years, Tipco Group has played a leading and innovative role in making India self-reliant. The foundation of our growth is based on continuous research & development, a focus on product excellence and a strong commitment to safety, health and environment in our operations. With over 7 decades of expertise, Tipco Group has become synonymous with innovation in our rapidly growing industry, catering to more than 1100 customers.

Tipwood ® Jute Phenolic Composites, a 100% Make-in-India, unique & diversified product came into being by in-house R&D and was patented for Building & Construction Industry in 1999. Further R&D and improvements continued till Tipwood was commercially introduced to the market in 2011 having the following Vision:

  •  Reduce / Stop using Wood.
  •  Global awareness of Tipwood®
  •  Promote and Product and Know-how world-wide
  •  Application and Technical improvements by ongoing collaboration with Architects, Designers, Builders and Educational/Research Institutes
  •  Bring educational awareness of the “Need” of Tipwood® like products to schools and universities. Promote projects with students.
  •  Develop natural fiber hybrids for wider range and performance
  •  Promote furniture – DIY kits - for self assembly
  •  Bring Tipwood® to online portals

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