What is Tipwood ?

Tipwood® is an eco-friendly, renewable, natural fibre composite. It is a 100% replacement to Wood used for all building and construction needs.

Widely used by builders, architects, interior designers and landscapers in India and abroad for more than 10 years. Its durability, sustainability and low carbon footprint, makes each project future–ready.

Why should we use Tipwood ?

The following may induce you to use Tipwood

  • Looks and feels like Wood by negating the defects of Wood  
  • 100% Eco Friendly - Don't need to cut trees 
  • Uses natural fibres that are annually renewable
  • Promotes agriculture and thereby employment 
  • Has a very low Carbon Footprint  
  • Virtually maintenance free.
  • A 100% “Make-in-India” product, using local / domestic materials, technology and knowledge. 

Is Tipwood only for exterior applications ?

Example of Interior applications made using Tipwood are: - Furniture, dining tables, flooring, door handles, privacy screens, handrails, false ceiling, balcony flower segments, flower pots, seating arrangements, flower pot holders etc.

Example of Exterior applications made using Tipwood are: -Facades, Pergolas, trellis, swimming pool decking, fence, compound wall, gate, flooring, patio furniture, privacy screens, duct coverings, patio false ceiling, wall claddings etc.

Each list is endless.

Have you outsourced any technology to make Tipwood ?

No. Tipwood is the Innovation of the erstwhile founder of Tipco Industries Pvt Ltd, Shri Bapulal Thakkar (1920-2007). He was born and brought up in Mumbai, India. A chemical engineer by profession having won several laurels and accolades in his lifetime. A pioneer in resin technology and having a keen desire to excel in all his endaevours, has fondly passed on his experience to the family.

The third generation has now unfolded the Innovation alongwith in-house Research & Development and have patented Tipwood for the building and construction industry in 1999 and have introduced it to the market commercially in 2011. 

Where can I get an overall presentation on Tipwood ?

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