Our Terms & Condition


  1. Payment terms shall be 100% along with Buyers/OEM’s confirmed purchase order, vide D.D. payable at par at any major metro in India. Overdue bills will be liable to attract delayed interest charges as per prevailing bank rates.
  2. All rates mentioned are Ex-factory rates, in INR per Unit Basis.
  3. Prices are based on current input rates, and are subject to change from time to time without any notice, based on changes in input costs, raw material prices, electricity charges, labor charges, etc.
  4. GST and/or any other levies, and freight shall be extra (as applicable) on actual basis & shall be borne by buyer/OEM.
  5. This offer is valid for 1 month or end of the running month.
  6. Price is based on the quantity indicated by Buyer/ OEM, and subject to periodic revision depending on actual sale.
  7. The above price is only applicable to Buyer/ OEM. No re-sell of this material by Buyer/OEM to any 3rd party is permitted without our Tipco’s express written permission.
  8. Delivery shall be affected as per mutually agreed terms, nevertheless, based on availability of materials and payment. Force Majeure clause shall be applicable.
  9. All purchase orders must be received in writing on or before 25th of previous month, along with firm schedule.
  10. For any change in the properties, the price will be reworked accordingly.
  11. Quality acceptance criteria shall be subject to Tipco's lab report/results only.
  12. All Prices are net of any/all discounts. No discounts shall be applicable or given. No annual cost down shall be applicable or given.
  13. Supply will be from any of our existing/future plants, and/or, from/through, any subsidiaries/associates/toll compounders of our choice.
  14. Freight cost & Tax structure shall depend on location of supply. Location of supply is at our sole discretion.
  15. All loading/unloading costs are responsibility of Buyer/OEM, after dispatch of goods from our factory.
  16. Any change in rate of GST and/or any other levies shall be applicable at time of delivery and shall be borne entirely by Buyer/OEM, without recourse.
  17. Any/all 3rd party testing shall be to account of Buyer/OEM. 
  18. If our product requires any modifications due to change in usage conditions, it shall be Buyer/OEM's responsibility to bear any additional cost for the same.
  19. The above terms shall remain same for OEM and/or their primary/secondary vendor. No agents are involved in this offer.
  20. For more details, please see our datasheet, disclaimer and other standard terms & conditions of supply mentioned in our invoice.
  21. All documentation, payments and correspondences should be addressed to our email ID.
  22. Please make sure that material has been received in good condition. Please inform the supplier immediately of any complaints about: shortage, damage, or visual impairments. After installation, any such / other complaints will not be the supplier’s responsibility.
  23. If material is not installed in the correct manner and/or is damaged during installation, it will not be responsibility of the supplier. To prevent such a situation please get all installation plans, drawings, diagrams, specifications etc vetted by Tipco/Tipco Dealer the start of installation.
  24. Please store all the materials in original packing until you use it. If storage is on a live construction site, please use extra precautions while storing & handling. Please prevent cement, wet/dry concrete and dust to come near Tipwood while the construction is on.
  25. It is strongly recommended that Tipwood be installed after all wet concretes, cement, plastering and paintings, gypsum work etc are completed. If you use Tipwood during any of these processes,
    1. You do so at your own risk and responsibility and
    2. It is your responsibility to keep it covered and protected at all times
    3. If any surface comes in contact with any of the above materials, it has to be immediately cleaned and attended to.
  26. White spots, blemishes, lightening or darkening etc. may randomly appear over the time due to atmospheric change, hardness in local water, improper handling, maintenance, care, storing, method it was installed, over a period etc.



Warranty Conditions

This warranty is subject to the procedures, recommendations, limitations, disclaimers and exclusions mentioned herein and at all locations of these guidelines. Tipwood® Profiles carry a warranty against manufacturing defects when used under normal conditions and installed in accordance with guidelines and installation instructions to the Buyer for a period of 12 months from the date of invoice. Note that you must retain the original tax-invoice of the product purchased which denotes your warranty duration. This warranty is not transferable. Manufacturer’s warranty and liability is limited to a maximum value of the original purchase price. Warranty is limited to repair or replacement of the Tipwood® Profiles at the sole discretion of the manufacturer. The warranty does not include labor and installation costs nor any secondary costs. Claim compensation, if approved and/or authorized is limited to the specific area which is deemed to be valid under the claim. This warranty does not cover and specifically excludes damages such as: scratches or indentations from normal wear and tear, chips, and stains caused by normal wear and tear, sheen loss, erosion from pebbles, stones, sand, all other abrasives, damage caused by close proximity to fire, inadequate protection, lack of maintenance, weather conditions, fire, excessive cold, natural disasters, excessive heat, heating and air conditioning systems, accident, improper installation or handling, cleaning agents, negligence or other causes not attributed to manufacturing or workmanship defects.

The warranty does not cover physical damage caused (knowingly or unknowingly) by anyone or by any person in any manner whatsoever. Failure to adhere to and follow all the guidelines/instructions for installation and maintenance and incorrect or insufficient maintenance, any modification to the product other than as outlined in the manufacturer’s installation guidelines and approved drawings as submitted to the supplier will render the warranty null and void. This warranty excludes noises of all types (creaks, squeaks etc.) emanating from the profile. This warranty excludes changes to gloss levels. This warranty excludes claims due to differences in the shade and texture from same or different batch of manufactured profiles and literature, as well as differences in shade and texture from profile to profile. The warranty excludes claims due to lightening or darkening of the product or a shade variation from exposure to light, or to areas which have not darkened due to less exposure to light than surrounding areas. This warranty explicitly excludes products sold “as is”. The BUYER is responsible for correct installation, maintenance and cleaning of the Tipwood® Profiles in accordance with the included guidelines. This warranty specifically excludes damages caused by heating systems: heating ducts, heat sources and heating system components of all types.

This warranty specifically excludes white spots, blemishes and shade variations from one batch number to another or otherwise. In all cases, installed areas must not be subject to abrasive debris or other similar conditions, which will void the warranty. The warranty applies to the original owner/user/BUYER that its profiles, when in its original manufactured condition, aside from previously mentioned information and exceptions, will be free from manufacturing defects and dimensional inconsistency during the warranty period when installed for normal use in accordance with the terms, installation guidelines, limitations and conditions herein.

This warranty is the entire and sole statement of warranty for the product and replaces any and all previous warranties, written, spoken, implied or otherwise. No implied warranties exist beyond the terms and conditions of this warranty, the manufacturer assumes no legal liability for any and all actual incidental and/or consequential damages. To file a warranty claim, contact the original supplier where the Tipwood® Profiles were purchased.

Note that manufacturer/distributor/retailer reserves the right to visit or have its dealer/distributor/agent/employee etc visit the premise where the product claim originates to inspect the product in dispute and to remove samples for verification and technical analysis. Failure to provide reasonable access to the installation area or to provide requested information and/or documentation may result in denial of the claim. All warranty claims must be made in writing through the original reseller and must include a complete copy of the original purchase invoice, LR Copy, installation documentation and drawings, as available. Other additional information that may be requested by the manufacturer/dealer/distributor/agent/employee etc regarding details included in this warranty. For information regarding Tipwood® Profiles, please visit our web-site: www.tipwood.com

Tipco Industries Pvt Ltd is a manufacturer of Tipwood® Profiles only and does not recommend any particular installer/fabricator. Tipco Industries Pvt Ltd is not responsible for, nor bound in any manner whatsoever for the delay, damage, etc. caused by any 1) transporter or delivery agent.  2) fabricator/installer for their delays, workmanship, finish etc;

Tipco Industries Pvt Ltd will have the right to take photographs and videos of the site (when in process of completion and after completion) where Tipwood® Profiles have been used for records, printing and display etc, without seeking permission but with prior intimation from the Buyer or any of their representatives.



All information mentioned in offer/data-sheets are based on our current state of knowledge, is given to the best of our experience & is intended to provide only general idea on our products & their possible uses, without any obligations, warranty or guarantee. This information should therefore not be construed, as guaranteeing any specific properties for the end uses desired, without complete & thorough, prior testing & evaluation by user/end-user. Product/material, which are offered is/are either in use, modified &/or discontinued from time-to-time without prior notice. All values are indicative & do not in any way constitute design or usage recommendations. Recommendations require study of design, trials & field evaluation by buyer &/or end-user. Buyer &/or end-user must observe any existing 3rd party patent rights. All property values have tolerance limits. Property values are obtained on specific testing equipment, procedures, methods, samples, conditions & speeds. e.g., all tests are carried out after conditioning & at standard temperatures & humidity, & values may differ elsewhere. It is buyer’s responsibility to carry out any/all in-house or 3rd party testing on material and components before usage. All properties are Subject to change without prior notice. Always confirm with us before any usage. Purchase of goods will means that Buyer indemnifies and keeps indemnified Tipco of all claims & responsibility on use and end-use of our goods. All rights are reserved.




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